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Our clients have always been satisfied with the services that Wertz and Company have provided, and that is mostly because of the quality of service we provide and our ability to communicate well with our customers. We prefer to hear out what the customer requires and lay down an action plan based on the requirement of the customers.

Only after getting approval from the side of the customer do we proceed with further actions because the most important aspect in any business is trust and once we have gained the customers trust, then we have our go-to sign to proceed with amendments.

See What Wertz and Company Has To Offer

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Whether you are building a new home or you are working on a commercial building, you can trust Wertz and Company will be there step by step ensuring the right decision is made for your property.

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Wertz and Company offers expert remodeling services for both kitchen and bathroom that will surely add the aesthics and design you were looking for to complete your dream home.

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You can trust the experts at Wertz and Company to provide quality masonry services that will enhance and preserve the structural integrity of your property for many years to come.

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Outdoor Living

Every Wertz and Company Outdoor Living project is custom-designed and built to enhance your home and overall outdoor living quality.

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Wertz and Company offers both indoor and outdoor fireplace services. Trust Wertz and Company to help you make the right choice for your fireplace project.

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Additional Services We Offer

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Our team is ready to help you out in choosing the best siding for your home as per your budget, your house location, and your preference.

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Wertz and Company provides the highest quality gutters in the industry with the use of the latest in seamless gutter machinery.

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Since 1926, Wertz and Company has offered quality chimney services. So trust Wertz and Company to help you choose the right chimney for your overall living condition.

Why Put Soffits on Your Home?

There are many homes that do not have soffits but soffits are crucial parts of your home's over-all ventilation system. Soffits serve many practical purposes. For example, they protect the house from negative effects of extreme heat during the summer. When your soffit is damaged, it continues to rot and break down. This can cause damage to your roof and drywall materials. This causes larger problems, costing you more time money.

Properly Installed Soffits Prevent

  • Dry Rot
  • Moist Rot
  • Rodent Invasions
  • Pest Invasions
  • Falling Gutters
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