Create the Outdoor Grill station or Kitchen of your dreams...

Wertz and Company recommends and installs top line grills as well as full outdoor kitchens.

Every step of the process is planned out by the design professionals at Wertz.

If you entertain outdoors regularly, adding a new grill section or a full outdoor kitchen can increase your outdoor living and entertaining space.

Create the wow factor you see on top Remodeling television shows and outdoor design magazines today.

Options for all types of budgets.

Contact Wertz and Company today to arrange an estimate or a custom design session.

To discuss your outdoor project with us now, please call (302) 727-5643 or use our Outdoor Living Quote Form

Recommended Brands
Deck Pavers
CambridgeEP HenryTecho-Bloc
Eldorado StoneStoneWorks

Why Put Soffits on Your Home?

There are many homes that do not have soffits but soffits are crucial parts of your home's over-all ventilation system. Soffits serve many practical purposes. For example, they protect the house from negative effects of extreme heat during the summer. When your soffit is damaged, it continues to rot and break down. This can cause damage to your roof and drywall materials. This causes larger problems, costing you more time money.

Properly Installed Soffits Prevent

  • Dry Rot
  • Moist Rot
  • Rodent Invasions
  • Pest Invasions
  • Falling Gutters
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