Brick Veneer
Brick Veneer
Brick Veneer
All the romance, warmth and authenticity of brick, and more. Molded from centuries-old European dwellings, every Eldorado Brick has the distinct earthen texture and Old-World character that captures the eye and warms the heart. Each individual brick has irregularly-sized dimensions and subtle color blends that complement the overall visual appeal. There are four distinct Eldorado Brick profiles, each offering intriguing visual rhythms.

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Why Put Soffits on Your Home?

There are many homes that do not have soffits but soffits are crucial parts of your home's over-all ventilation system. Soffits serve many practical purposes. For example, they protect the house from negative effects of extreme heat during the summer. When your soffit is damaged, it continues to rot and break down. This can cause damage to your roof and drywall materials. This causes larger problems, costing you more time money.

Properly Installed Soffits Prevent

  • Dry Rot
  • Moist Rot
  • Rodent Invasions
  • Pest Invasions
  • Falling Gutters
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