Chimney Sweep

Information in compliance with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (NFI):

'' A dirty, damaged, or blocked chimney can lead to a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Thats why the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association recommend that homeowners have chimneys checked annually.

They also recommend that you should call a NFI Certified Chimney Sweep. At Wertz & Co Inc. we have NFI Certified Chimney Sweep technicians available to inspect and service your chimney.

Certified Chimney Sweeps have passed a rigorous test that examines their knowledge of the codes, practices, and standards of the trade. Certified sweeps have learned how to do the job right and are competent, qualified service professionals.

NFI certification is an individual credential, awarded to sweeps only after theyve passed the test. The credential is valid for three years. To re-certify and to keep up with changing codes, practices, and technology, sweeps may earn continuing education credits. Or they may take the latest version of NFI administered examination.

To ensure the best service, here are some questions you can ask:
  • Is the company affiliated with consumer protection organizations or the local chamber of commerce?
  • What kinds of customer references can the company offer?
  • What kind of experience and training do the companys sweeps have, and how long have they worked there?
  • Have there been any complaints against the company lodged with the local government office of consumer affairs?
  • Find out if the company has a valid liability insurance policy to protect you and your home against accidents.
  • Ask if the company is a member of the National chimney Sweep Guild. Members receive monthly information about technical issues, and advancing technology.
  • Make sure that the sweeps credential is current. NFI Certified Chimney Sweeps carry a badge that features a certification number and expiration date. The NFI credential is based on individual testing and must be renewed every three years.
The Certified Chimney Sweep credential is the hallmark of excellence among chimney service professionals. Related industry leaders and knowledgeable homeowners understand the quality and value this credential represents.

Those who have earned the NFI credential have demonstrated their commitment to the industry, to fire prevention and to their customers.

You can call Wertz & Co Inc. at (302) 658-5186 to have one of our NFI Certified Chimney Sweep professionals to inspect and service your chimney.

Why Put Soffits on Your Home?

There are many homes that do not have soffits but soffits are crucial parts of your home's over-all ventilation system. Soffits serve many practical purposes. For example, they protect the house from negative effects of extreme heat during the summer. When your soffit is damaged, it continues to rot and break down. This can cause damage to your roof and drywall materials. This causes larger problems, costing you more time money.

Properly Installed Soffits Prevent

  • Dry Rot
  • Moist Rot
  • Rodent Invasions
  • Pest Invasions
  • Falling Gutters
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