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Donna R.

I recently had a new hot water heater installed by Horizon, and the technician informed me that my water heater was not venting properly through the chimney to the outside. He said that carbon dioxide was venting back into the house and told me to call Wertz for an inspection right away.

Chris and Thomas came to my home on Friday, March 3rd. I wanted to write to you to let you know how friendly, professional, efficient, and courteous they were. They quickly got to work and found a very serious problem with the water heater vent. They found that the builder had never broken through the mortar in the chimney to allow the water heater to vent properly, which caused condensation to come back into the pipe causing rust and, more importantly, causing carbon dioxide to vent back into my house.

Chris and Thomas kept me informed the whole way through, describing the problem, and the steps they needed to take to fix it. Thomas even took video on his phone so that I could see the blockage and he could explain the problem. They worked quickly and efficiently to fix the blockage. I'm so appreciative and relieved to know that carbon dioxide is no longer coming into my house, and I'm completely confident in their work.

Thank you Chris and Thomas for your excellent work in fixing such a serious problem in my home. I will definitely use Wertz again and will gladly recommend you to family and friends.

J. O'Hollaren
Last week I stopped by your Rehoboth location to inquire if you could repair a fireplace screen. I was told that you could but there would be a $125 service call fee. I was fine with that and we set the appointment for today between 9am and Noon.

Your man arrived at 12:10 and I was OK with that as I understand how these things go. He spent about 10 minutes fixing the problem. I was prepared to write a check for $125 as Ive lived in Sussex County for almost 30 years and I know how these things go.

Your man informed me that he had only replaced one screw so there would be no charge. I was dumbfounded!

I will, of course, recommend you to all my buyers and sellers.
Ted Hack
To Wertz and CO, Inc :

In June of this year, you rebuilt the cupola on my home in Lewes, DE, to correct a leak that I have had in my roof for over 4 years. I just want to tell you that since that rebuild was completed, I have had no apparent leakage, despite some heavy rains. The cupola was nicely rebuilt, and matches my roof beautifully. Bob Mathena did an excellent job, and offered me several options before starting the work. The option we selected appears to have been the right one, and I really appreciate his professionalism and advice. I am one very satisfied customer, and I wanted you to know that!


Brian Kellar
Dear Mr. Mathena,

I recently had a paver walkway installed at my at my home located at 30278 South Mill Run in Milton, DE. I am contacting you to make you aware of my experience with this process. In short, Cory should be commended for his attention to detail, focus on customer satisfaction, and overall level professionalism during the completion of this project. Through the years, I have dealt with many contractors but few delivered the quality and satisfaction that I have come to expect. You are very fortunate to have Cory representing your company and I just wanted to make you aware of his ability to work with the public and the quality that he delivers.

In addition, the other two gentlemen who worked with Cory were also very professional. They always kept me informed and worked tirelessly during extreme heat conditions without a single complaint.

Phil Winkler
Bob and others,

I want to express my appreciation on a job well done. The new wall is simply beautiful and the workmanship is superb. Craig and his team were always timely, cleaned as they went, were polite and professional and simply a group of very nice people. Several neighbors have expressed their admiration for the new wall and noted that it was done by Wertz and Co. Ellen also admired the work and commented to me several times how the team always went the extra step to ensure a great product.

Thank you so much.
Phil Winkler
Dewey Beach DE

Jim Carucci
I just wanted to drop you a line to say that the chimney repair and maintenance services provided by Craig far exceeded my expectations. His assessment of scope was superior to the others I received, was exactly what was required, and in execution he made a tough job look easy. I say these things because I have done this type of work myself before and I know what it takes to get it done right. Also, we ran into a little snag, and Craig was front and center to make it right. Craig treated my job as I, the homeowner with firsthand knowledge of the subject, would have treated the job. I can't say enough!
Leslie S.
Jim and Toni K.
Joe and Bernie Polinskie
Eileen Williams (another satisfied customer)
Thank you for the copy of invoice 62539 showing a zero balance for the Roofing job from Wertz and Company on April 21st.-22nd. After looking into several Roofing Company's reputation's and job performances,I choose Wertz based on their job performance ,quality and Customer Care from past customers. Their workmanship and knowledge on the job was excellent. Your employees were very thoughtful and pleasant throughout the project especially Paul Lee.His manners and the pride he takes in his work are outstanding. George Wood's is a true example of knowledge and leadership,representing the Wertz Company.Everyone working at my residence were friendly,hard working and THANK ME at the end of the job "It was nice meeting me" ! What a GREAT crew! You should be proud how they represent Wertz. I already told some of my friends in the Wilmington and Bethany Beach area to consider using your company for any Roofing that they may need in the future. Thank you for Quality work and great results.! Will I be using Wertz & Co. for my next improvement project... YOU BET !
Lynn Sullivan
I could write a novella to describe the exceptional, professional, helpful and friendly service I received from two gentlemen employees of Wertz and Co. Instead, I will try and summarize. The employees are Tom and Jeff and they came to my home to clean the chimney. I had wanted to replace the glass doors as well, but due to a scheduling conflict, I was informed, beforehand, that it could not be accomplished until after Christmas. As soon as they arrived at my home I uncharacteristically became pushy - basically begging them to help me attain my goal. They did so. Not only did they help me choose the replacing glass doors, but they offered me additional help well above and beyond what their job calls for and they did so with kindness, patience and an unequaled, extraordinary customer service that I have never before encountered. Their work was remarkable; as were they. I would like to say that they did not have to do the second job - they had a Friday with a light schedule because it was the day of the company Christmas party and the boss, Bob, left it to their discretion.

They did not hesitate. The doors they helped me choose were from another website, decreasing the companys overall profits and still only charging me a nominal fee to do the job by Bob's allowance. The doors were delivered and Time and Jeff arrived first thing on Friday. Besides replacing the doors, they also brought their own spray paint to help color match these 1970 hideous vents to complement the new black framed glass doors.

Plus, I bought a new wreath and they gladly replaced the old one with the new one - which I could not reach. Above the excellent service and abundant kindness, the two and one half hours they spent at my home on that Friday they did of their own accord. The boss had left it to them and they wanted me to be satisfied above all else. They sacrificed their own time for me. In all my nearly 50 years I have never come across such integrity in employees and the generousness of the boss to allow them to help me wherein there was little extra financial gain to the company (and I have hired a multitude of professionals over the years). Also, as a single woman I would not hesitate to re-hire them instantaneously. I felt safe and unthreatened - which today, when inviting strangers into one s home, is quite important. Too, they arrived with booties and drop cloths and when they finished their work it was as if they had never been there except for the amazing transformation they accomplished on the face of my fireplace. This is the second time I have hired Wertz and both instances were excellent. Though I will admit that this second interaction even surpassed the first- which in and of itself was a tall order. I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought and I would definitely say to ask for Tom and Jeff. Lastly, when I offered them tips, they declined saying that my satisfaction was all they required but I persisted as they definitely earned it. I want to thank them again for their outstanding work which far surpassed what I could have ever expected. Sincerely, Lynn Sullivan.
Actual comments sent from a few of our customers.
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